Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh

Goods Corner under way

Student housing project commences

photomontage image of Goods Corner Student Housing KRA have just hit site with their next exciting Student Residence project, with 107 studio beds housed in visually distinct blocks that allow glimpses between them of the centrally located B Listed Cottages.


The stone built Cottages at Goods Corner act as the central hub of the scheme, acting as the single and main entrance/reception area including breakout spaces housed within it.

As the Cottages are in the centre of the site and the accommodation circulates spring out from this centre, minimising student travel distance to their rooms.

The project is confidently outward facing with bold use of traditional materials however has 2 softer landscaped amenity spaces to the inner side which both act as south facing courtyards.

KRA have had an ongoing involvement with the site since '04 obtaining a 15 unit scheme for main stream housing before using the similar form the student scheme we see now.

07 June 2017