Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh


Primary Care Centre

Form Follows Function in Primary Care

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KRA analysed the surrounding uses their existing potential and links to various existing pathways through and over the site of the Primary Care Centre in order to provide a user friendly approach to connectivity and to protect connectivity for the growing area.
The shape of the Building is in a low slung design with the monopitch roof profile bringing the entrance elevation down to a more domestic height which then allows the rear elevation to reach out and open up views over the City
Externally, the Pharmacy acts as assistance with way finding as it stretches forward to form a courtyard feel for the patient and acts to pull you, the user into the heart of the building through the glazed and sun-screened curtain wall with external views beyond.
External finish materials have been carefully selected to ensure that building visually reduces in form, such that it does not dominate in the eyes of the patient although exudes positive signals with a mixture of brick and render along with key areas picked out in timber rainscreen as a material at the main public entrance which is tactile.
The GP spaces are laid out in a practical wayfinding manner. The layouts follow the Governments guidance on best practice design and reflect the nature of the business that is conducted within the building. This includes design drivers such as patient security, confidentiality and patient flows along with a sense of an open feeling and fit for purpose interior fit out of the Consulting and Treatment rooms combine to present a cohesive design both externally and internally.