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Aberfeldy Medical Centre

Synopsis On New Primary Care Premises

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Client; Medical Centre Scotland Ltd

User Group; Inzievar Surgery, Aberfeldy

Instructing Body; Tayside Primary Care NHS Trust

 The Inzievar premises were identified by Tayside Trust as a priority as they were extremely short of space.  Their existing premises were a converted house with a small single storey administration wing attached.  Although the location of the surgery was excellent, as it was close to the Town Centre and centrally located for their large catchment area however, this site was to extend or rebuild. 

 The practice looked for an appropriate developer to lead the design and to them a bespoke premises that would provide not just an accommodation that satisfied their present needs but also satisfied the needs of the foreseeable future. 

 The site finally chosen was one of three initially identified and appeared at first to be most problematic.  However, the location provided the best mixture of opportunities and also posed the most challenging to the designer. 

 The resultant approach was to provide a “low slung” solution which fitted into the Dalweem Residential Home Environment well and also addressed the main street pedestrian access with a focal entrance feature viewed through a “vennel".  The domestic neighbour’s views of their new immediate neighbour were softened by the single storey mono pitch design solution to avoid a full two storey elevation facing their rear elevations and gardens.


 Although the building footprint is just under 1,000m² the two storey form is not immediately apparent as it wraps itself around the canopy of the oak tree within the site and presents a personable frontage to the patients at the same time delivering a practical and usable building fit for its purpose. 

 The practices input to the design process is to be commended, as their enthusiasm and their own ideas on how they envisaged using the building was unquestionable, although at the same time they acknowledged the value of what an architect could bring to the party.

 The layout is simple to understand to a new patient as the entrance is clearly defined and the patient flow diagram thereafter is logical.

 The design intent of the interior was to create a light and airy atmosphere and open a welcoming feeling.  The employment of roof skylighting in low height and high spaces throughout the public spaces and traditional heights in the private practical spaces.  The contemporary design has reflected both in the external appearance of the building and its interior using a refreshing colour palette throughout.