Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh


Ladywell Medical Centre

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 Brief – Requirements were principally to assume all functions that existed in the existing Health Clinic site adjacent to LMC at the time within the new scheme.  The two practices were to occupy two separate buildings and link the two buildings by a pedestrian bridge.  The new building was to assume all common facilities for both practices such as staffroom accommodation, kitchen, changing facilities and library etc., thus limiting the necessity for two maximum floor areas as would normally be required for two separate GP surgeries.  KRA worked closely together with the two practices to ensure that the correct solution was achieved. 

 Location – This site is located within a predominately residential area and is rectangular in shape.  The site links to the existing Ladywell Medical Centre (refurbished within the contract) within an existing concrete pedestrian footbridge, which is now enclosed by a glass structure.  The link connected the existing Ladywell Medical Centre to the Health Clinic that was formerly on the site.  The Clinic was single storey and of little architectural merit, This has therefore provided KRA with an opportunity to fill in the gap at the end of the Featherhall cul de sac with a contemporary new building. 

 External Appearance – with the onerous planning constraints on the tight site, the design solution needed to be particularly bespoke to its location which meant a steep cross-section/profile was adopted over two storeys.  Employing the correct profile ensured that the second storey was in the centre of the site and assured maximum daylight into neighbouring properties.  KRA felt that the completion of the cul de sac required a bold statement and employed the waiting room to provide this in the form of a drum rising internally over two stories.  The finishes are coloured render with a standing seam roof and aluminium windows.

 Internal Arrangement – The internal arrangement is clear and easily defined for ease of use.  Patient flows are overlooked by the reception area, ensuring that security is maximised.   The Consulting Rooms are located to the South, the quieter corner.  The first floor accommodates all functions that do not require public access.