Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh


Scone Medical Centre

Reconfiguration and Extension

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KRA were invited to look at a small surgery built to an accommodation brief 8 years previously.  Primary Care has changed much since then and the surgery no longer met the practice's aspirations.

The practice was now short of a Consulting Room and a Nurses Treatment Room and lacked a large base for the Community Nurses room. The entrance was also felt to be facing the wrong direction for patients entering.

KRA rose to the challenge and carried out a space utilisation study on the ground floor.  We soon began to draw the conclusion that, for ease of patient flow and to maximise the useable space and minimise wasted space, a re-plan of part of the surgery was necessary, along with a small extension that allowed for the reorientation of the main public entrance.

By undertaking the works, KRA also created an improved staircase from ground to first floor and a suite of rooms in the roof space including toilets and Community Nurse's Room for 10 Nurses.

The 25m² extension became part of the new waiting room that set the tone for the new internal reconfiguration.  The exposed curved featured roof in varnished Douglas fir covered in zinc softens the visual look for the entrance and provides a sense of enclosure as one enters.

KRA also “future proofed” the design to provide for a future location of a consulting room and waiting area to accommodate more patients.

From the surgery's original domestic appearance, the building has been transformed into a modern, contemporary building that is filled with light and is a pleasure to work in.