Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh



A contemporary extension to a 1930s house in Annan.

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A contemporary extension to a 1930’s house in Annan, with KRA re-orientating the house, allowing the family to maximise its use and additionally form a more advantageous management of the available garden space, 

Amongst other things, the brief wished for additional kitchen space, boot space, gym and play room for the children. 

The house though state of the art spatially in the 30’s requires to upgrade to epitomise pure 21st Century modern family living, with open plan Kitchen and utility spaces available utilizing one side of the house. Also, incorporated above, a desirable, generous accommodation to the first floor master bedroom. 

Visually, the design compliments the new and the old highlighting the attention to detail on all levels. KRA joined the modern to the original building with an overlap detail with a vertical glass clad stair giving easy access from ground floor kitchen to upper hallway and stitching the two elements together to form a cohesive one.