Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh


Great Gobs Dental

LDU 'installation' within the room.

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KRA have seized the challenge, turned a requirement into an opportunity, and again shown how you can squeeze a quart into a pint pot!

This time they have taken a grade “A” Listed Georgian Room, which previously provided a dental waiting area with P/A reception facilities, and have incorporated a new use: a Government requirement; a fully compliant L.D.U. The existing uses of the space are maintained, but in what feels is a very modern intervention in an old protected building.

KRA have according to patients “transformed the space into an exciting and uplifting space to be in,” while the newly introduced glass wall has been likened almost to an “artist’s installation” within the old room itself and has brought a traditional waiting area into the 21st Century.

A brand new Local Decontamination Unit is tucked away and hidden from view behind a free standing glass “wave wall” which is lit up by cold cathode tubes resulting in a thoroughly contemporary feel, whilst still allowing the traditional Georgian shaped room with all its splendour to remain easily read and on display.