Kenneth Reid Architects - Edinburgh


Cambusbarron, Stirling

Understanding of the planning process

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The entire site was originally a weaving mill, some of which had already been developed as a residential site.

The remaining Listed Blocks 1, 4, 5 and 13 had been previously looked upon as too difficult to develop not least because Block 1, which had been the main weaving shed, encompassed a vast open area and had a category 'A' listed exposed structure of roof trusses and columns in cast iron and stone external walls.

Several uses had previously been explored including a nursing home or residential for sale, although these had not proven viable.

Working closely with Stirling Council Planning Department and Historic Scotland, a satisfactory solution had to be found for all involved. Consent has now been granted by Stirling Council.

The innovative design solution involved stabilizing the external walls, keeping the cast-iron horizontal trusses and columns in place, removing the existing concrete slab and inserting a new series of two storey structures within the roof in a style similar to 'colonies' living.

The main brick section to the east houses three storey townhouses. The remaining blocks were converted into a variety of houses and flats providing 37 units in total.

Landscaping was a major issue and a Landscape Architect designed a solution which allowed the scheme to become softer and act as a 'Green Wing' as well as softening the entire site.